Kingdom of Absence by Dennis Lee, Published by House of Anansi

A look at Anansi's first book: Kingdom of Absence by Dennis Lee

Anansi's first book (published in 1967) was a book of poetry by Dennis Lee, Anansi's co-founder, titled The Kingdom of Absence.

"Harsh, conscious, jaunty, ironic poetry of the mind and the spirit, without fat of nature's metaphorics, without blubber of masks transcendent or masks mystic," is how Dave Godfrey described Dennis Lee's poetry. The painting on the cover of The Kingdom of Absence is of "Corner Figure" by Graham Coughtry, and the dedication in the book is made out to Donna.

Of course, not everything went so smoothly with the publication of The Kingdom of Absence. The first print-run of the book accidentally listed the company as "House of Ananse." Whoops! Check out some pictures of Anansi's first book below!